We The People ARE America

Welcome to the OFFICIAL website for the Patriot Nationalist Movement.
This site is still under construction, more information coming soon.

As we are sure you are well aware, America is in despair. Our nation has been taken over from the inside by the international elite. We have been sold out as early as 1871 (lookup the “Congressional Act of 1871”). An entirely new Constitution and government has been created, making the US of A a corporation, and “We The People” property of that corporation.

The ‘Patriot Nationalist Movement’ is here to shed light on what exactly the government is doing, has done, and are planning. We are here to bring awareness to the fact we are not as free as we think we are. We are here to help re-ignite the American Spirit and regain our Freedom. We are here to expose and oust any and all tyrants and those working with them.

Unlike other organizations:
We will NOT forget the mission
We will NOT forget how we started
We will NOT lose our purpose.
We CARE about our members and all Patriots. Monetary donations will NEVER matter more than the people.
We will NEVER say we are better than, or refuse to work with, legitimate Patriots and Patriot organizations.
We will NEVER falter on our values or goals for any reason.

We aim to return America to the ORIGINAL Constitution and the ORIGINAL form of government, as America was founded on.

For information on Membership requirements, as well as to apply for Membership, please view the ‘Membership’ page.

If you have any questions, email PatriotNationalistMovement@gmail.com and @PatrioticNation or @NationalistUSA on twitter.