PNM Updates (July 2013)

Posts will appear here off and on. Mainly updates and contributor content. This is a grass-roots, direct action, movement to save America.

We have a new contributor that will be posting with links to his website/blog. Please be sure to check it out.

We are currently piggy-backing with Reds Revelations Radio Show until the PNM team has time to run an official PNM broadcast, so be sure to tune in. Click the above link for details.

PNM is currently seeking State, County, City chapter leaders in all states. If you are interested please view the Membership page and submit an application.

Contact Us with any questions.


About Rev. Dr. Red
I'm the Founder and Sr. Pastor of Spiritual Messiah Ministries, Health Enthusiast, Fisherman, and Small Business Owner. I'm passionate about helping others any way I can. I hope to help as many as I can lead a happier, healthier, fulfilling life. This began with my ministry, and has since expanded into a complete wellness movement.

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