TODAY I GOT ANGRY. Shootz it wasn’t even Obama’s fault. Matter of fact I can’t ever blame anything on anyone. Something I learned from my father, it’s called responsibility.
Anyhow, there I was transferring 300 gallons of concentrated caustic rig wash when I’ll be darned if I didn’t lose a 2″ hose and soak myself from head to toe. Now I assure you when I say head to toe this is a literal translation of the events. Gravity works in south Texas and 2 inches is a big hose with the supplied head pressure.
Have you ever burned yourself, maybe you was cookin some bacon and that hot grease popped on your forearm?  Well I reckon that douse of chemical felt like that, only multiplied by the Obama deficit. So here I am, in the middle of my parking lot dancing around kicking stuff like a mad man. I recall…

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About libslayer2013
I am a God fearing family man. Served in the USN from 1997-2002. I am currently serving the Lord as a youth and music minister while also working full time in the oilfields to support my lovely wife and son.

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