What doth it profit a man?


You have a brand new truck?  Sorry not impressed. Oh that’s a 3,000 sq. foot home? Very well, duly noted. Oh wow, your child has a 4.0 GPA and is the class president?  Sorry I’m still unimpressed. There ain’t much in this world that would make me think very highly of you. But you see, this is a generation of instant gratification infatuated with “things”. You know the old saying “he who dies with the most toys…..is still dead” (I may have paraphrased that just a hair). Truthfully there ain’t nothing wrong with owning stuff but, it’s only temporary and in the grand scheme of eternity matters very little.
You wanna know what impresses me?
1. A child who grows up to serve God. A child who respects his elders. A child who isn’t scared to work. A child with SCRUPLES
2. A man & a woman who’ve honored God…

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About libslayer2013
I am a God fearing family man. Served in the USN from 1997-2002. I am currently serving the Lord as a youth and music minister while also working full time in the oilfields to support my lovely wife and son.

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