Where were you when America died?




Today myself and a group of fellow patriots held an impeach Obama rally in Corpus Christi Texas. We had a great public response, we were safe and had ZERO problems with LEO community. That being said I’ve got a couple of small gripes.
#1 Glenn Beck airs a commercial which states something along the lines of “where were you when America died.” Man I gotta say the same thing. Where are all the patriots who are so vocal on Facebook and twitter? It’s so easy to battle liberalism from the safety of yer stinkin living room ain’t it? My gosh folks, we HAVE GOTTA GET PROACTIVE. Now please don’t get me wrong here. This is the 2nd rally we’ve held and the group of folks who come out are  phenomenal. But we should have hundreds….no thousands of folks out attending events like this.
#2 I sent multiple emails to…

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About libslayer2013
I am a God fearing family man. Served in the USN from 1997-2002. I am currently serving the Lord as a youth and music minister while also working full time in the oilfields to support my lovely wife and son.

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