Are smart phones making us stupid?

Does your smart phone control you?



Alright, so I’m back to my normal self which means what I’m about to write has no research nor data to support it. It’s simply the observations of a simple yet halfway edumacated guy. And yes If you’re wondering, halfway educated is a dangerous place to be. 
So here I am with a buddy of mine in Lowe’s (I won’t shop in homedepot cause they pour to much funding into the gay community) and we was just there observing a family in the check out line. Mom’s and pops were both with their faces glued to their iPhone and the two little ones (ages 7-10) were walking around watching videos on their iPad. (FYI, I hate apple products) Really?? Our children can’t even make it through an hour of shopping without being entertained?  Or perhaps the parents find that keeping the kids glued to a screen provides adequate babysittin’ qualities…

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I am a God fearing family man. Served in the USN from 1997-2002. I am currently serving the Lord as a youth and music minister while also working full time in the oilfields to support my lovely wife and son.

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