1) Why do we need nationalism?

Nationalism is how nations thrive. Multi-culturalism does NOT work. Through nationalism and LIMITED immigration permitted, economies thrive and the nation lives. In America’s earlier days we had a strong sense of nationalism. We allowed immigration, but you had to prove yourself to get citizenship. Crime wasn’t as high, we had plenty of jobs, and our economy was booming. We also had an American culture. We need to bring those days back.

2) So America should be for Americans only? America was built on immigration, so what is an “American”?

Yes, we firmly believe America for Americans ONLY. America first and foremost. We cannot even begin to attempt to help other nations poor and hungry, etc when we have our own people here in America who are jobless, homeless, and in need of help; and our economic and societal problems also need addressing. Illegal immigrants should be deported, borders closed, manafacturers and corporations brought home.

An American is an individual that has been born on American soil by parents who were born on American soil. In todays day, most natural-born citizens have had their families in this country for atleast four generations. An American is also one who prides themselves in the American way of life and does NOT wish to go against our founding principles.

3) Do you really feel you are the only movement trying to save America and not taken over by greed?

Ofcourse not. If we were the only one we wouldn’t be willing to join forces with other organizations. As a matter of fact, we are allied with other organizations. But the simple fact is, the majority of the organizations fall prey to the elite and/or get taken over by greed. They remain in the movement simply to profit.

4) If you aren’t the only true organization, why do you not join another?

We are here to bring awareness and save America. By joining forces with other organizations, either by merger or alliance, we are becoming one. The American people ARE the resistance to tyranny. All organizations do, is give like-minded people a place to meet and work together as a united front. Us, by allying with other organizations as well as growing our membership, are becoming that united front. Each individual organization has their strengths and weaknesses. Where one is weak, another is strong. As seperate entities allied as one, each organization is like a seperate division of one business. Each division focusing on their area. In this manner, we are more aware and in-tune with everything that is going on in all areas and can then better assess the field and determine what actions need to be taken where to best fulfill our goals. In this case, the goal is ridding pur nation of the tyrants and securing our freedom.

5) Why must you believe in Christ to be a member?

The simple answer is also a controversial answer. That answer is we are a Christian nation. We were founded as one on the principles and message of Christ. Therefore, to join us you must follow Christ. If you do not, there are other organizations you may join where following Christ isn’t a requirement.

Proof of Americas Christ-following heritage:
Is America A Christian Nation?

A Few Declarations Of Our Founding Fathers And Early Statesmen On Jesus, Christianity, And The Bible

6) You are required to be a Christ-follower to join, does this also mean you will only form alliances with other Christ-following organizations?

No. We will form an alliance with ANY organization that is standing to defend the U.S. Constitution, Freedom, and the American way of life. However, the vast majority of Pro-Constitution, Pro-Freedom, Pro-America organizations are all comprised of a majority of Christ-following individuals. Many of other faiths are largely promoting anti-American sentiment. So if it appears as though all of our alliances are all Christian organizations, it is because the vast majority of Christians are the only ones promoting the restoration and salvation of America, the only ones that truly understand Freedom and choose to defend that Freedom.

Christians and Jesusonians alike understand Freedom moreso than any other faith group for the sole fact that only Christ preached ultimate Freedom and the Christian faiths are the only faiths that follow Christ.

Though, any organization that can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they have America and the American people in their best interests, and wish to restore America, will be considered for an alliance.

If you have a question that is not on this list, email your question to PatriotNationalistMovement@gmail.com

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