Membership Requirements:
You are atleast 18 years old natural-born American citizen
Know the US Constitution and understand your Constitutional rights
Understand and are up to date on politics
Are well-spoken and people friendly
Will be able to write articles on important issues
Will be able to organize fundraisers, unity rallies, etc.
You follow Christ (whether you are Catholic, Protestant, any other form of Christian, or Urantian you MUST be a follower of Christ.)
You are NOT afraid to discuss political viewpoints/issues in person at rallies, Town Hall, or where ever else politics comes up as a topic of discussion.
The Patriot Nationalist Movement currently has, and will have, alliances with any pro-American, pro-Freedom organization. As a member of this organization, you MUST be willing to work with anyone pro-America, despite any and all differences (whether they be ideological, spiritual/denominational, etc). We all have the same thing in mind: Save America.

There are NO membership dues, only donations. It is up to each member to do what they can within their means. More info will be given upon application being recieved. More information will be available on this site soon.

Click Here for online application

If you would like to join the Patriot Nationalist Movement, please email with the following information (ALL information is REQUIRED, if any is missing application WILL be denied):
Date of Birth
Street Address
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Email Address
Picture of Photo I.D. [This is only to verify who you are] (for drivers licenses, black out License Number)
Do you follow Christ?
Do you feel you are willing and capable to defend and restore the ORIGINAL US Constitution *at all costs?
Are you willing and capable to spread Truth *at all costs?
What abilities/skills do you have that may be useful in the Patriot Nationalist Movement?

*at all costs – People are being illegally arrested and detained simply for speaking truth, you must understand that we may be arrested and illegally detained at our rallies.
People are giving the current regime power through their fear to speak up, you must be willing to speak up. Only through speaking up, will we regain our freedom.
As patriots, we will lose friends and possibly family. You must be willing to deal with lost relationships, understanding that it is because of our efforts that our children, and theirs, will be able to live in a free world.

Click Here for online application

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